Linux & Open Source Projects

These are Linux operating systems, and various programs of interest for the Linux open source platform, including amateur radio software.

Ubuntu Linux is one of the easiest Linux distributions to install and use. It has a ham radio section. Download the iso file, burn it to CD, and it boots to the installer. This is also a Live Disc, which means you can run it from the CD-ROM without having it installed or accessing your hard drive. In fact, it has useful tools to help repair and recover hard drive problems. If you’ve been afraid to use Linux, this is a good distribution to try.
Debian Linux includes several programs of interest to hams. Download the iso file, burn it to CD, and it boots to the installer. Can be run in a dual-boot environment, or from USB drive. Make sure you install all the Linux headers and the GCC compiler so you can take advantage of programs offered in source code only.
Mandriva Linux is another popular distribution of the Linux operating system. Try the Live version, which boots and runs from a CD – great for fixing filesystem or partition problems, and backing up those nasty but critical Windows files that can’t be read while in use. Live saves nothing to the hard drive, so it’s a very safe way to experiment with Linux.
The Open Mind Speech project is part of the Open Mind Initiative and aims to develop free (GPL) speech recognition tools and applications, as well as collect speech data from “e-citizens” using the Internet. The main target will still be Linux (and other UNIX flavors). The software will be designed so that it can be easily integrated into any application, window manager or desktop environments (KDE and gnome).
gMFSK is a multimode HF terminal program for Linux and other unix-like operating systems. Despite the name, gMFSK can send and receive many digital conversational modes typically used by radio amateurs on HF. Supported modes are: MFSK (MFSK16 and MFSK8), RTTY, THROB (1, 2 and 4 throbs/sec), PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK), PSK63, MT63, Feldhell. gMFSK is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, version 2.

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