Map of Southern Ontario
My home location is in Chatham Ontario, between Windsor and London, grid EN82vk. Toronto is the dot at the top right. I frequently operate HF portable in Erie Beach on the shore of Lake Erie, EN92ag. The location is ideal for summertime HF contacts, with an average daytime high of 25 degrees, even when Chatham is 37 degrees C. There is no industry nor business in the area, and power lines are underground, contributing to an exceptional noise floor.

The antenna was cleverly designed to fit in the car (just happens to resonate at 20m by chance), consisting of copper pipe bolted to a steel seawall at lake level. The radio is powered by a 12 volt lead-gel battery. When the wind and waves get too noisy, I can always try some SSTV, RTTY or BPSK-31.