Communications Ontario Net

The Communications Ontario Net operates daily on 7.153 MHz at 9:30 Eastern. It interfaces with the Ontario Phone Net for NTS messages. Comsont is a directed net working from an established roll-call to avoid doubling. However, casual check-ins are more than welcome from any location, just give your callsign at the appropriate place in the roll, or during the warm-up or wrap-up. Stations planning to check-in regularly are invited to ask the controller to be added to the list.

With the current poor conditions on 40m, the net utilizes a series of relay stations throughout Ontario and the eastern U.S. The warm-up session beginning at 9:00 AM usually establishes propagation conditions for the day. Anyone not hearing Net Control should call any relay station heard during the warm-up. A wrap-up concludes the net with relay stations again helping to pick up final check-ins.

The net is conducted on LSB and CW check-ins are also welcome. The RAC official bulletin is usually read Monday or Tuesdays depending on propagation, following the net.

A history of the COMSONT Net, taken from its old website, is archived on this site.

Net Control Stations
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
VE3PSV Shawn AB8QS Fred KC8NDA Rick,
VE3HK Harold
WB9TNQ Marty VE3KII Don AB8QS Fred,
VE3PSV Shawn

Substitute net controllers are VE3HK – Harold, and WA1HMW – Bill.

Communications Ontario Net Preamble

This is the Communications Ontario Net, COMSONT for short. It was established in 1978 as an emergency preparedness net and continues in operation as a “keep touch net” available for NTS and/or emergency traffic. The Net is held daily, at 9:30 Eastern Time, with a warm-up session starting at 9:00 Eastern. The net is held 365 days a year on or about 7.153 MHz. There is a different Net controller each day and the net normally clears the frequency within 60 minutes. The roll is called alphabetically by towns and municipalities throughout the eastern portion of the U.S. and Canada and anyone, anywhere is more than welcome to check-in. If the name of your town is not called please insert your call near the appropriate letter.

I will start the net looking for any stations with traffic, any mobiles, portables, or anyone who would like to check-in and leave early.

I will now continue with the alphabetical roll call.

(at the end of the net)

This concludes the Comsont Net for December 2nd, 2023. The Communications Ontario Net will be held tomorrow morning, same time and frequency with a different controller.