Software Links Project

EasyPal Screen Shot

EasyPal is a useful program for sending DRM digital files. While optimized for images, it can be used for any kind of file as long as the size isn’t too large. I’ve sent email, html, executable programs, pdf files, windows media video, zip files, midi, and of course images. Runs under Windows, though I’ve had it working delicately in Linux with WINE. Download EasyPal.

There is quite a bit of useful ham radio software available on the internet, and a lot of it is free. My latest web project is a page of links to programs I found useful. I recently set up some grab-and-go laptop computers for our ARES group, and I posted a link for every program that I installed.

Special consideration is being given for the free Linux operating system. I’m new to this platform, and learning the hard way, but it seems that the Open Source community embodies the spirit of amateur radio. Programs like fldigi (digital mode software) on Ubuntu are worth trying. Ubuntu and Debian even have a separate Amateur Radio heading.

This software project is a work in progress. Check back as I scour my bookmarks, post links, and discover new software. At this time, I don’t plan on hosting actual packages, just links to home pages where hams can download the latest versions – although I’m working on a couple of my own programs that will be shared here.

All links are provided *AS IS* with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. I am not responsible if things don’t work out. All copyright and licences remain the property of the respective software developers. Everything is subject to change. The posting of a link does not necessarily constitute an endorsement, and doesn’t mean I’ve actually tried the software.

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