Electronics Software

What’s ham radio without electronics? Here are some links and free programs for various electronics test and development tasks.

TinyCAD is a program to help you draw circuit diagrams. It comes complete with symbol libraries to get you started straight away. As well as being able to simply print your designs, you can use TinyCAD to publish your drawings by copying and pasting into a Word document, or saving as a PNG bitmap for the web. You can use TinyCAD as a front end to a PCB layout program (see the links), by getting TinyCAD to create a netlist of your circuit. TinyCAD is fully open-source so you can use it for free and you can download the source code for use in your own projects.
TopSPICE Demo TopSPICE/Win32 is an affordable integrated computer-aided circuit design software package offering advanced native mixed-mode mixed-signal analog/digital/behavioral simulation based on the industry standard SPICE simulator program. With TopSPICE you have the choice to design from schematic drawings, text netlist (SPICE) files or both. All design and simulation functions are available from either the schematic or netlist editor front-ends. This is a free demo version with certain limitations, but no expiry.
LT spice IV is a free circuit simulator by Linear Technology. I’ve had this running on Linux under WINE.
AADE FILTER DESIGN AND ANALYSIS FREE. DESIGN Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic (Caur), Bessel, Legendre and Linear Phase, low-pass, high-pass, band-Pass, and band-reject filters. Coupled Resonator band-pass filters, Crystal Ladder band-pass filters using identical crystals. Ideal for Amateur construction from surplus or microprocessor crystals.
DiscoverCircuits.com, has 27,000+ electronic circuits. The electronic schematics are carefully cross-referenced into 500+ categories. As a vital resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors & consultants, the site’s collection of information will help you find quick design ideas to electronic design problems.

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