VA3KCR 146.680

This repeater is a Kenwood with CAT1000 controller, located at the CKSY-FM transmitter plant. It was activated on October 15, 1995. Power output is 25 watts, and it identifies in CW and voice.

Signals are received with a 2 bay Sinclair SRL 210C-2 VHF antenna mounted at the very top of the 495' tower. The signal is combined with a co-located Sinclair 8 bay UHF unit, which connects to Andrews 1 5/8" Heliax feedline. Down below, the signal is split back to separate UHF and VHF ports. The UHF signal is amplified and split between our VE3COZ UHF repeater and the CKSY business repeater.

The audio undergoes some digital processing, so this machine has a nice sound. The transmit line is duplexed with the output of the VE3COZ UHF repeater, and links to a Diamond X-50 dual-band antenna with Andrews 1/2" Heliax. This antenna is located at 390' on the tower.

The VA3KCR repeater is open, and does not require a PL to access. It currently serves as a backup for the VE3KCR repeater, and is used regularly to send EasyPal images.

VA3KCR mobile coverage

VA3KCR repeater transmitter mobile coverage map, assuming antenna height of 5 feet, generated by SPLAT. Click here for a larger plot (892 Kb) that can be zoomed and scrolled.